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About us

Background and Development

The first market opportunities for hair dye shampoos on a commercial basis began with the increasing demand of an easy to use hair dye and a shampoo in one application. In 2008 such products are available only by exports from Thailand and China. There is the need to develop and market a local product of local manufacturing company which produce this niche products with better quality at a lesser and competitive price.

Company Overview

Desyham Marketing Sdn. Bhd is currently one of the leading marketing and Distribution Company of hair care products in Malaysia. The company was incorporated on 1991 and has been marketing quality hair oils, hair dye shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products in Malaysia. By unlocking nature’s powers through scientific advances, our product Desyham discovered ways to nurture and transform hair to an enhanced state of natural healthy and beauty. Since our inception, we continue growing and expanding our business and customer networks to be the leading Hair Care supplier in Malaysia and Other Countries.

Business Goals & Objectives

Our objectives are to strive, to excel and update ourselves continuously so that we could provide high quality and reliable products and services to our customers. With our years of experience, expertise and commitment to excellence, we have expanded our business and offering wide range of hair care products.


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